The Mr. and I are having friends over for dinner tonight. We are really excited to see them, and possibly even more excited to have someone with whom to share a delicious homemade bo ssam spread. The last time we made bo ssam was when hosted our book club in New York. Our club had read The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson (still one of the best books I have read in the last five years) and the Mr. had the genius idea to make vaguely thematic food. Botulism-infested pears were off the menu for obvious reasons, so we opted for gorgeously lacquered meat, kimchi, hoisin, scallion garlic magic sauce, and crisp Boston lettuce leaves. We use this great recipe that was published in the New York Times and we have never felt the need to actually make a pricy reservation for bo ssam at David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Bar. Instead, we allocated our Ssam Bar cash for the epically savory pork buns. I miss New York. I should make those buns soon.

We also love anything that involves a large hunk of delicious pork. I mean, we have enormous picture of jamon iberico scraps from our wedding up on the wall in our living room. By enormous, I mean fifty-six inches wide. It’s twice the size of our television.

It’s actually hanging on the wall now. I devote at least a few minutes per day to admiring its glorious porkiness.

I can’t feature the giant ham art without a shout out to our wonderful photographer, Amber Wilkie. She takes unbelievably gorgeous pictures, and I love to scroll through her blog and admire her latest work. I’ll post some more pictures from the wedding on another day.

Dinner update when it’s all done!