A few awesome moments from the week:

I made these pumpkin cinnamon roles using a recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Sweet, gooey, spicy fall goodness.

Mr. and I joined a friend for some cocktails and wine at Eastern Standard. It was my first time “going out” since the surgery, and it was really fun. I had the Old Cuban, which was really well balanced and had sparklies in it. This is Mr.’s whiskey smash.

I no longer have to use my passport as my primary form of identification. My replacement license came!

+ I went back to class.

+ I already miss my mom (who came and camped out on the couch to take care of me when I was sick recovering), but luckily, my in-laws are visiting this weekend. So excited to see family!

*In the young adult novel Uglies, the superficial Pretties describe events and objects by their effects on the actor/perceiver’s mental state. For example, that lengthy case for Leg Reg was confusingmaking. How delightfully honest.  

How was your week? Any standout positive moments? Do you have any guilty-pleasure young adult fiction favorites?